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Juki AF081E Feeder Finger (Case of 8)

Works With Juki AF081E, AF05HP and AQ02HP Feeders

8 Feeder Fingers per case


The AF08 Feeder Finger was designed in conjunction with Juki Automation Systems to work with the AF081E mechanical feeder (blue handle) and the AF05HP & AQ02HP 2mm pitch feeders.


The AF feeder is Juki’s spliceable feeder, installing the Feeder Finger removes the cover tape tension issues associated with this feeder while providing a solution for feeding short strips of paper tape without attaching a cover tape leader. Eliminating the cover tape collection process eliminates feeder jams during production improving machine utilization and throughput.  Eliminating the cover tape collection mechanism reduces feeder maintenance.


Key benefits:

  • Attaches easily to your existing feeder
  • Handles tape strips as short as 3″ /76.2mm
  • Eliminates splicing
  • Loads in less than 5 seconds
  • Eliminates cover tape jams
  • Reduces setup time by fifty-percent
Cut Tape Feeder Finger
Typical components 0201 – 1206
Tape Width 8 mm
Tape depth (feeder type) 2.5 mm (8 mm)
Tape material Paper Tape only
Full Reels or Cut Tape Yes
Package Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 6 in


Works with Juki Model AF081E, AF05HP and AQ02HP Feeders
8 Feeder Fingers per case

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Juki AF05FF and AF08FF Feeder Finger Installation Video

Juki AF05FF and AF08FF Feeder Finger Production Video


Juki AF081E Feeder Finger (Case of 8)

The Juki AF081E Feeder Finger (Case of 8), available at our online store, is a high-quality product designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of your Juki pick-and-place machine. Each feeder finger is crafted with precision and durability, ensuring seamless operation and consistent feeding of components during production. Made from premium materials, these feeder fingers are built to last, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. With a case of 8 feeder fingers included in each purchase, you can easily replace worn-out or damaged parts as needed. Keeping your assembly line running smoothly. Trust us for all your Juki feeder finger needs – unmatched quality and reliability guaranteed.

At our online store, the Juki AF081E Feeder Finger is a game-changer for improving efficiency and accuracy in your manufacturing operations. This case of 8 feeder fingers is explicitly designed for Juki pick-and-place machines. Ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance. The durable construction of these feeder fingers guarantees long-lasting use, saving you time and money on replacements. With precise engineering and high-quality materials. These feeder fingers provide smooth and reliable feeding of components during production runs. Upgrade your equipment with the Juki AF081E Feeder Finger from feederfinger.com today. To experience enhanced productivity and quality control in your assembly line processes.

Regarding high-quality feeder fingers for your Juki AF081E, Feederfinger.com has you covered with their convenient case of eight feeder fingers. These precision-engineered components are essential for ensuring your Juki machine’s smooth and efficient operation, allowing you to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Constructed from durable materials. These feeder fingers are built to withstand the rigors of daily use in a manufacturing environment. With our reputation for excellence in the industry, you can trust that these feeder fingers will meet or exceed your expectations for performance and longevity.

Feeder Finger Installation Video

Feeder Finger Production Video