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Feeder Finger Releases Leaderless Feeder for Europlacer

The Feeder Finger division of Automation Technical Services, a San Diego-based company, has introduced a leaderless feeder for Europlacer pick-and-place machines. This innovative feeder eliminates the need for cover tape leaders when feeding entire reels and cut tape strips. It utilizes a plow blade design to fold and crease the cover tape flat as it travels through the feeder. Orders started pouring in before the devices were manufactured, signaling a strong desire for this product. Beta site customers were delighted with the feeder, leading to excellent reviews and repeat orders. Feeder Finger has invested in an additional five-axis machining center to meet the overwhelming demand.

The new Leaderless feeder provides enhanced flexibility compared to the original equipment. It can handle shorter tape strips of varying lengths, going as short as one inch, for chips packaged in paper or embossed 8mm tape. Its push-and-go solution reduces the feeder setup time by 80%, making it an essential tool for Europlacer’s customers. Feeder Finger aims to tackle real-world challenges in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) while maximizing the value of initial SMT equipment investments and accommodating new requirements for feeding component tape like cut tape.

Feeder Finger is well-known for producing replacement feeder equipment for leading manufacturers such as Yamaha, Juki, Fuji, Hanwha, Panasonic, and now Europlacer. By upgrading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) feeders to Leaderless feeders using Feeder Finger equipment, the feeder set-up time can be significantly reduced, increasing profits for existing machines through a transformation in component introduction for the pick-and-place process. The feeders boast an accuracy rate of 99% or higher and can handle plastic and paper cut tape, which is crucial in modern manufacturing.

Furthermore, the updated versions of Feeder Finger equipment bring multiple benefits to pick-and-place machine operators, enhancing efficiency, increasing production, and minimizing waste. Its positive impact on the market is undeniable, mainly due to its ability to effectively handle short runs and cut tape. https://feederfinger.com/




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