You can save and make money with Feeder Finger — it’s easy
Our Affiliates Program lets you profit from every customer referral that becomes a sale at www.feederfinger.com. It lets your customers shop the latest and most up-to-date Feeder Finger product offerings online, and you’ll enjoy the cost- and hassle-free approach of making a sale.

How it works:

An Affiliates Program benefits both of us. You make money referring customers to www.feederfinger.com, and when that customer buys something from us, you earn commissions. We take care of all the details — the transactions, processing and customer service. We track all sales through our eCommerce Affiliate Program and make the reporting available to you online so you can always know how much you are earning. Commission payments are sent monthly via Paypal to the email address you provide.

Feeder Finger commissions:

15% on sales up to $5,000 for any calendar month
*Once you reach $20,000 in monthly revenue from Feeder Finger, you will earn 25% commissions on all sales generated (Including the first $5,000)

We provide the customer service

We pride ourselves on our renowned customer service, and this affiliate program is no different. Feeder Finger ensures the highest level of customer service in handling the transaction and processing of each customer’s order. We will deliver an excellent shopping experience for your customers — we both want them to come back again and again.

You get paid monthly

After the first period starting on the date you are accepted into the Partner program, we start sending payments monthly via PayPal. If your commission for any month is less than $25, the total amount will be carried over into the next month. Once the amount passes $25, a payment will be sent to you at the end of the calendar month for the complete amount owed to you up until the end of that month. You will always know exactly how much to expect from your commissions by logging into the affiliate/rep page at Feederfinger.com/rep

What does all this cost?

There is no charge to participate in the Feeder Finger Partner Program and no minimum sales requirement. Simply apply today.

Linking to Feeder Finger is easy

You can connect your customers to feederfinger.com in three easy ways, word of mouth, directing them thru a link you place on your website or by sending a referral link you create in your affiliate area. Either way, you will receive a commission on all purchases your customers make.

How the registration process works:

After you have been accepted into the program your affiliate username entered at signup will be added to a drop-down menu on the checkout page. Your customers will be required to select your username at checkout before they can complete their purchase. All future purchases after the first will automatically be credited to your affiliate account.

Your commissions are paid on a monthly basis after the transaction is complete and the product has shipped.

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