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Yamaha SS / YS / ZS Leaderless Feeder (Case of 10)

For Yamaha SS / YS & ZS Feeders

10 Feeder Fingers per Kit


The YS / SS and ZS Feeder Fingers are precision machined tape guides that convert your Yamaha feeders to Leaderless feeders. The Leaderless feeder uses a plow blade design that detaches and folds the cover tape out of the way of the pick and place, eliminating the need for cover tape routing and collection.


The plow blade design is unique in that it allows the feeding of cut tape down to 1 inch or 25.4mm without attaching a cover tape leader. This means the operator can quickly load the feeder in less than five seconds without losing any components during setup.


The Feeder Finger also reduces feeder setup and changeover time by 80%, making it a highly efficient tool in your manufacturing processes. This tool can be used with paper and embossed tapes, making it versatile and practical for all setups.


The YS / SS and ZS Feeder Fingers are valuable additions to your production process. With precision machining, a plow blade design, and compatibility with paper and embossed tapes, this tool offers high efficiency and versatility while reducing setup and changeover time by 80%.


Key benefits:

  • Attaches easily to your existing feeder
  • Handles cut tape as short as 1″ / 25.4mm
  • Eliminates splicing
  • Loads in less than 5 seconds
  • Eliminates cover tape jams
  • Reduces setup time by eighty-percent
Cut Tape Feeder Finger Specification
Typical Components 0201 / 1210
Tape Width 8 mm
Tape Depth (feeder type) 2.5 mm (8 mm)
Tape Material Paper and Embossed Tapes
Full Reel & Cut Tape Yes


Package Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 6 in


For Yamaha SS / YS & ZS Feeders
10 Feeder Fingers per kit   

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Yamaha Leaderless Feeder Finger

The Yamaha Leaderless Feeder Finger is a device that has revolutionized the placement of electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Its cutting-edge engineering offers exceptional precision and efficiency during assembly, making electronic component placement accurate and efficient like never before. The device seamlessly integrates with Yamaha’s feeders and pick-and-place machines, making feeder setup an absolute breeze. Its user-friendly design ensures a smooth and hassle-free setup, while its advanced technology guarantees high reliability and consistent performance even in the most demanding production environments.

Overall, the Leaderless Feeder Finger is an indispensable tool for any modern manufacturing facility that aspires to stay ahead of the curve. Its remarkable capabilities, ease of use, and outstanding accuracy make it a must-have device that can significantly boost the manufacturing process’s efficiency and productivity.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 6 in

Feeder Finger Installation Video

Feeder Finger Tape Load Video

Feeder Finger Production Video

Feeder Finger Assembly Video

Feed Full Reels with the Yamaha SS YS & ZS Feeder Finger