• Fuji Leaderless Feeder W08C
  • Fuji Leaderless Feeder W08C
  • Fuji Leaderless Feeder W08C

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Fuji Leaderless Feeder W08C(Case of 8)


The Leaderless Feeder option is now available for Fuji W08C feeders.

The Fuji Feeder Finger is a precisely engineered tape guide that converts your W08C model feeder into a Leaderless Feeder. The Leaderless feeder features a plow blade design that detaches and folds the cover tape out of the way of the pick-and-place mechanism. Eliminating the cover tape routing and collection process can reduce feeder setup time by up to 80%. Moreover, the plow blade design allows the feeding of cut tape down to 1.5″ / 38.1mm without the need to attach a cover tape leader. During setup, the operator can load paper or embossed tapes without component loss in less than five seconds.


Key benefits:

  • Attaches easily to your existing feeder
  • Handles cut tape as short as 1.5″ / 38.1mm
  • Eliminates splicing
  • Loads in less than 5 seconds
  • Eliminates cover tape jams
  • Reduces feeder setup time by eighty-percent
Cut Tape Feeder Finger Specification
Typical Components 0201 / 1210
Tape Width 8 mm – 8.1mm
Tape pocket depth 1.4 mm (8 mm)
Tape Material Paper and Embossed Tapes
Full Reels or Cut Tape Yes / Cut Tape down to 1.5″ / 38.1mm minimum length
Package Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 6 in

For Fuji Feeders
8 Feeder Fingers per kit

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Fuji Leaderless Feeder

Feeder Finger introduces the revolutionary Leaderless Feeder Finger for Fuji W08C feeders. This cutting-edge technology offers a game-changing solution to streamline production lines by eliminating the need for cover tape leaders. The Fuji Leaderless Feeder Finger optimizes feeder setup with meticulous design and advanced functionalities. Its user-friendly interface allows operators to integrate it into existing Fuji feeder systems without extensive training or downtime concerns. Crafted with top-notch materials and adhering to strict quality standards, this state-of-the-art equipment guarantees longevity while maintaining superior performance levels.


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