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New Product Launch: Cut Tape Feeder Fingers

This new product improves the efficiency of your existing OEM Feeders by reducing feeder setup and changeover times.

San Diego, California (March 25, 2015) — Automation Technical Services announces the launch of its new Cut Tape Feeder Finger products, designed to elevate the efficiency of existing OEM Feeders. By attaching the Feeder Finger to existing production feeders, the load and unload times can be reduced to seconds, allowing the operator to get the job into production in a fraction of the time of conventional feeders. Production downtime is the result of numerous factors but mainly it is caused by machine setup and changeover time.

The most problematic component of OEM feeders is the separation and collection of the cover tape. Cover tape feeder jams and cover tape splice problems account for a large percentage of machine stops during production. The Feeder Finger eliminates the cover tape collection process entirely, while providing the machine operator the ability to load strips of cut tape as short as three inches without splicing or using additional strip feeders.

It is not uncommon for production lines at SMT factories to spend more time on setup and line changeover than actually running production said Kelvin Wiley, the President of Automation Technical Services. The Feeder Finger goes a long way in reducing the setup and change over times on the production floor.

Automation Technical Services first launched the Cut Tape Feeder Finger in 2010, and today, it’s available for Samsung CP and SM Feeders, Yamaha SS YS and ZS Feeders, and the iPulse F3 Feeder. A version for Juki and Assembleon first and second generation feeders will be available in January 2017 with other manufactures to follow.

About Automation Technical Services
Based in San Diego, California, Automation Technical Service (ATS) was founded in 2001 with the launch of the Standard Pro 2mm Pitch Feeders for the Quad / Tyco platform. The success of the Standard Pro Feeder led to the company’s expansion and the development of the Cut Tape Feeder Finger, which launched in 2010. The company’s mission is to serve as a problem solver for Surface Mount Technology manufactures, by designing innovative products that work with equipment from the top suppliers in the industry. Automation Technical Services’ goal is to make companies more profitable by removing roadblocks in Surface Mount Technology manufacturing. To purchase Feeder Finger products, visit

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