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Feeder Finger delivers on its agreement to supply Cut Tape Feeder Finger Solutions for Juki feeders

At APEX 2017 Feeder Finger a division of Automation Technical Services signed an agreement to supply Juki Automation Systems with Cut Tape Feeder Finger Products for Juki Feeders. Working closely with Juki’s technical team, Feeder Finger increased the original contracted commitment to incorporate 5 feeders and is proud to announce that on November 17th ATS shipped the first round of production units for the RF, AF, CF and EF Feeders. Juki customers can now realize the many benefits of the Cut Tape Solution for their Juki feeders.

The Feeder Finger Solution adapts the Juki and other manufacturer’s feeders to meet the requirements of today’s CM’s to handle cut tape, reduce feeder setup time, and increasing feeder performance. With the Feeder Finger installed on original manufacturer feeders, cut tape as short as three inches can be fed to the pick and place. The feeder setup and changeover time is reduced by 50% and feeder performance is elevated by eliminating cover tape jams during production.  Feeder Finger not only envisioned the flexibility of existing feeders handling cut tape but the ability to increase their performance over traditional feeders.

Feeder Finger products are designed and manufactured in the United States to exacting tolerances to feed industry standard 8mm paper tapes.

Contact Bill Hayes at 760-846-0145 for more information.

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