Welcome to Feeder Finger

At Feeder Finger we prefer to look at it all through the prism of Productivity – Our products help you achieve greater equipment utilization, enhance your throughput with greater levels of efficiency and enable better use of your production hours.

Our mission is to design innovative products that save cost and improve efficiency on the production floor. With the Feederfinger solution attached to your existing OEM feeders, you can save cost and eliminate waste by purchasing near the exact number of components required for each job without the concerns of effectively feeding strips of component tape. Feederfinger also offers a highly efficient way to run prototypes, one-offs, and NPI processes.

Feederfinger is proud of its desire and ability to continue building its products in the United States. As many manufacturers have looked overseas to reduce their build costs, Feederfinger understands the importance of having its manufacturing close at hand to ensure product quality and time to market.