Yamaha SS YS ZS Cut Tape Feeder


Welcome to Feeder Finger. What is it, and how does it work

The Feeder Finger is a state-of-the-art tape guide that has been skillfully engineered to replace the original guide on your current OEM feeder. Its plow blade design is such that it disengages and folds the cover tape out of the way of the pick-and-place as the component tape progresses through the feeder.

This tool is remarkably versatile. Depending on the type of feeder, it can handle paper and embossed tapes. It can handle cut tape as short as three inches (76mm) or full reels, making it highly adaptable to different production requirements.

One of the most significant advantages of Feeder Finger is its effortless setup process. You only need to push the tape to the sprocket and index the feeder to get started. Unlike the original tape guides, you don’t have to worry about attaching a leader or route and collecting the cover tape when using the Feeder Finger.

In conclusion, the Feeder Finger is an incredibly efficient and dependable tool for streamlining production processes. Its advanced design and straightforward setup make it ideal for businesses looking to optimize their production lines.