• Feeder Finger_Yamaha I-Pulse
    $1,600.00 S&H

    Yamaha SS Feeder Finger (Case of 8)

    For Yamaha SS / YS & ZS Feeders


    The SS Cut Tape Feeder Finger Solution is designed to work with Yamaha’s YS / SS and ZS Electronic Feeders to improve the feeder’s efficiency by significantly reducing feeder changeover and setup time. The Feeder Finger coupled with the advantages of the electric motor upgrade the YS / SS and ZS Feeders to auto load status. Simply push component tape into the Feeder and place it on the pick and place. The tape leader is no longer required and the cover tape collection process is eliminated. Your feeders can now be loaded and unloaded in seconds, reducing production setup time by as much as forty-percent.


    For Yamaha SS / YS & ZS Feeders
    8 Feeder Fingers per case

  • CL Feeder - Solid - Rev A Edit

    Yamaha FV Feeder Finger

    The Yamaha FV Feeder Finger is in Development